Upgrade Upfront

I just want to encourage someone, perhaps a student of all ages, who is not sure if s/he can handle the new level of school expectations. Well, hear me when I say, You have been upgraded, upfront!

This is like the feeling one gets on a flight, when the attendant moves you from economy to business class wide-leg room seating, due to the upgrade upfront! Now when I say upgraded, I don’t mean you are at a higher grade at school (although you are). I’m not talking about your school grade. I’m talking about you, your self-grade!

God has upgraded you, upfront! Not at the end of the year. But at the beginning, upfront! You have grown in wisdom and favor ahead of the tasks! Remember someone said, God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the called!

God has upgraded you, for the grade you are at now! Don’t think you’re too young, because you weren’t too young at last year’s grade. Quit doubting your ability to succeed at this new grade! This applies to every adult as well. Sometimes as the years roll around, and we get promoted or challenged, we doubt our grown-abilities and maturity. But we too have been upgraded, upfront!

I see new faces in several arenas dominating events because they recognize it’s their time and that they’ve been upgraded, upfront! They are operating on world stages, setting personal best times, and reinventing the game. God is not waiting for someone to validate you with a title or medal to verify your upfront upgrade status!

This doesn’t mean you don’t have to study or put in the work and hours. This does however mean, you have unrevealed competence awaiting challenges to awake the brilliance within you, afforded by God’s upgrade, upfront! So let’s thank God for trusting us with the upfront upgrade, and be diligent to produce the possibilities of such an upgrade, upfront!

God bless, Team http://SirRobReid.com

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