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There is something about a newness of a person or thing that intrigues our minds and excites our emotions. We just experienced the newness of another year on January 1st, 2023, and all around the earth, people celebrated this newness of time. No doubt, the Year 2023 brought a new season for new beginnings, new

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Kids & Cholesterol

Are you aware that the leading cause of death in the United States is heart disease? Unfortunately, while this is the case, we don’t generally associate heart disease with children. Nor do we realize that certain childhood habits and behaviors along with a genetic predisposition can pave the way for our experiences in adulthood. What

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The Health Transfer

“The Health Transfer”, otherwise known as “The Transfer of Health,” relates within this scriptural context to Health being transferred from God to man. That is, God provides supernatural healing to restore mankind. This supernatural healing is a mystery to many practitioners within the medical arena. However, many individuals have experienced and can testify of the

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Why We Believe In You

Each passing day, ask yourself, “How am I better, stronger, or wiser than before?” With age comes experience. But experience doesn’t always equate to wisdom unless applied to your personal and professional development. Some people are driven by success and achievements. They are highly productive individuals. They dream big, make doable plans, set smart goals,

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