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At SIRROBREID, we discuss all things practical, financial, and spiritual for your personal and professional development.

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Meet Sir Rob Reid,
Your Host Teacher.

Hi Class, my name is Sir Rob Reid. I have the heart of a teacher, so I love teaching and sharing knowledge. Since the first day I stood before a class of students to teach high-school Math in 1993 until now, the passion for teaching has been my calling.

Inside this SIRROBREID learning portal, you’ll find a wide range of interesting courses. Here we discuss all things practical, financial and spiritual for your personal and professional development.

If you are new, welcome! Please join us by registering here as a new member. Once you are ready to learn and grow, get a pen and notebook ready. Class is now in session. See you on the inside. God bless you.


More About Me

Believer. Entrepreneur. Teacher.

As a believer my favorite prayer is, “Dear Lord, please forgive me of my sins, cleanse my heart within, and make me whole again in Jesus’ mighty Name. Amen.”

As an entrepreneur, I enjoy adding value to people’s lives personally and professionally. I encourage you to check out the current opportunities and new releases that can change you for the better and improve the quality of your life.

As a teacher, I offer a vast knowledge through books, courses and colleagues for your edification. Topics range from practical problem-solving methodologies to personal finance and money management to Christian values and spiritual inspirations.

But enough about me…. Let’s get to know you and what brings you here. You can start by creating a member profile.

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Here is what the SIRROBREID students, and colleagues are saying….

Wow. I am so impressed. I really appreciate you and the work your team does, more than you know


This is a very practical book on Debt Reduction. I just love the chapter on Millionaire Mindset….


Sir, thanks for the fast and high quality work. Great recommendations to streamline and improve our current process.