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My Career Started as a Math Teacher

Sir Rob Reid is an insightful author and dynamic speaker, who is passionate about teaching and training people on various personal and professional development & disciplines for continuous improvement to maximize their fullest potentials in practical, financial and spiritual ways. 

Sir Reid has been a member of American Society for Quality, with engineering degrees and has worked in Energy and Aerospace industries since 1999. He enjoys reading and listening to biblical commentaries, and watching tracks, soccer and basketball game highlights. 

Sir Reid has now made his teaching and training available for any one to listen and learn practical ways of improvement one’s life choices and experience. We look forward to hearing your stories any working with you on your life’s journey.

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Published Several Self-Help Books

We are passionate about your personal and professional growth, and development. We can help you with your goals in practical, financial and spiritual ways! 

With our vast knowledge and skill in various disciplines, we have summarized and simplified them in some of our bestselling books, showcased above.

Resonate Righteousness is a book on spiritual growth concerning the purpose of God in one’s life.

CREATE A Quality Lifestyle is a book on practical problem-solving methodology for root cause analysis and corrective actions.

How I Drop Debt is a book on personal finance with a patented method to drop debt, and live blessed with a millionaire-mindset.

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What My Clients Says

Here is what some of our friends and customers are saying….

Wow. I am so impressed. I really appreciate you and the work your team does, more than you know.


This is a very practical book on Debt Reduction. I just love the chapter on Millionaire Mindset….


Sir, thanks for the fast and high quality work. Great recommendations to streamline and improve our current process.


It was great working with you! Your team delivered fast with excellence, as promised. Looking forward to our next project!


Thanks! I think you should be a presenter in May to speak about the services you provide.


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